What to think about before a move

What to think about before a move

Moving home can be a very stressful experience, but the disruption and upset that such a move can cause can be reduced to the absolute minimum with careful organization and forward planning.

Everyone is different, which means that every time someone moves home will also be different; however, there are some useful tips and pieces of advice that can point just about everybody in the right direction in order to ensure that the relocation is less stressful than you might have been expecting, particularly given that there are some things that can be all too easy to forget about when there are so many other things to remember and to try to organize.

Six weeks prior to the day of the move, there are a number of things that you should take care of or already have taken care of.  These include confirming the date of the move, notifying your landlord of the date when you will be moving out if you are renting a property, and getting written quotes from a number of different removals firms.  You should be sure to check out any moving companies that you might be considering by taking a look at independent websites for reviews of their services.

If you are not using a moving company and need help from a friend for your move, it is still a good idea to ask them well in advance to make sure that they are willing to help and are available on moving day.