What to take in the move to college

What to take in the move to college

August can be a stressful month for graduated high school seniors who are headed to college in the fall.  The next few days or weeks before they make the move to their institute of higher learning is likely to be filled with efforts to pack that one extra top or trendy pair of trousers into their bags.

If you are one of these students, before you end up buried by a suitcase catastrophe, there are a few tips to take into consideration that should lower your levels of risk and stress as you prepare for this major relocation.

Unless you have rooms or some other form of living arrangements that have your own showers, as a student you are likely to be sharing a bathroom with the residents of several dorm rooms.  If you want to keep your bathroom items separate then a shower caddy or simple toiletry bag will be the answer to this problem.

Another bathroom item you should bring is a robe.  Not only does a towel make a wardrobe malfunction thanks to prankster friends a little too easy to achieve, but a robe is also likely to pay off during winter if your dorm lacks decent heating, as so many do.

Other vital items to bring now that you have no one to clean up after you anymore include items such as a trash receptacle and a hamper.  The latter not only stops your dirty clothes from ending up all over the floor but also makes carrying them to a washer and dryer a lot easier.

Jon Huser