What to know about moving in the winter?

What to know about moving in the winter?

Winter is the least common time for people to move. The weather is unpredictable, surfaces and sidewalks are slippery and traffic can become a zoo at any given time. Unfortunately, you don’t always have the luxury of choosing when you move – sometimes you just have to do it, regardless of the season. The trade-off of moving during winter is that you can enjoy some significant savings due to it being off season for the real estate market and moving industries.  Add in these helpful tips and moving during the winter season may become your favorite time to do so.

Start As Early As Possible

As if moving wasn’t challenging enough, moving during the winter will present all kinds of new obstacles, many of which are unpredictable. As such, the first rule to a successful and stress-free move in winter is to start as early as possible so you can get the upper hand on foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges, such as cold temperatures and wet precipitation, ever-changing forecasts and limited daytime hours.

Have Something Warm to Drink

Proper hydration is key to ensuring a successful and productive moving day. So, plenty of water should be available to you and your friends that are helping you move. However, since you’ll be moving during the cold season, you’ll also want to serve up something warm, such as a hot cider, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It doesn’t take much for your fingers to get cold when moving in the winter and this can make it difficult to grip boxes. Fortunately, a quick cup of hot cocoa can quickly bring back the warmth and feeling into your fingertips.

Keep Walkways Clean

If you live in an area where the temperatures can drop below freezing, you’ll want to have a shovel and a bag of salt on hand throughout the moving process. This will allow you to immediately clear any slippery surfaces that can pose as a serious threat to your safety and belongings. So, keep these items out and make sure they’re one of the last things packed into the moving truck when it’s time to head over to your new home.

Layer Up So You Can Layer Down

It is significantly easier to cool down than it is to warm up, and as you pack and transport your belongings to the moving truck, you’re certain to get pretty toasty. So, make sure you dress appropriately and in layers that can easily be removed, such as hats, gloves, sweaters, long johns, jogging pants. Though, it’s important to choose the right type of clothing that won’t put you at risk of injury which leads us into the next tip.

Choose the Proper Clothing

When moving during any other season, you don’t have to place too much importance on the clothes you wear. However, moving during the winter months’ present unique challenges and choosing the right type of clothing is key to ensuring your safety.

While you’ll certainly want to layer up to keep yourself warm, refrain from wearing anything too big and bulky, or that may snag.

Watch the Forecast

Although the winter weather can be quite unpredictable, you’ll still want to keep your eye on the forecast as the weeks and days leading up to your moving date. This will help you get a general idea of what to expect weather-wise, so you can properly prepare for whatever the season decides to give you.

If moving in the cold, dark hours of the winter season doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t blame you. Winter moves are tough. At Bekins Moving Solutions, we offer full-service moving packages where our professionals handle the most complex parts of moving – from start to finish. Speak with a specialist today to learn how you can sit back and relax in front of a fireplace while our movers get you into your new humble abode.