What to do with items that can’t be stored

What to do with items that can’t be stored

There is a list of things that cannot be stored when you put your possessions into storage, even for a short while. What do you do with these items?

Hazardous materials are banned and your moving company should be able to give you a complete list of what is not allowed as part of its storage services. This list could include items such as aerosols, fertilizers, ammunition, kerosene, gasoline, paint thinners, paints, fireworks and pesticides. If you have any of these items and do not want to throw them away, you may need to arrange for their removal yourself or you could ask a friend or relative if they can be stored in their garage while you are moving house; alternatively, dispose of these items through a waste disposal company that offers hazardous waste services.

Perishable items should also not be stored. If you have foodstuffs, it is recommended that you use up as much as possible before you leave your old home. What you are left with can be moved by yourself to your new home or passed on to others to use.

Naturally you cannot leave your pets in storage. If you are in temporary accommodation, ask whether your pets are allowed there; if not, you could find a helpful family member or friend to house your pets temporarily. There are also plenty of pet-sitters around who could look after your pets in their own home if you prefer. You might need to book this in advance, so make arrangements as soon as you have your moving date.