What to do with excess possessions

What to do with excess possessions

When you are moving, or even when you are having a fall or spring cleaning session, it can become obvious that you have far too many possessions, many of which are no longer necessary or relevant to your life.

When identifying excess belongings, it is a good idea to take it room by room.  In some cases you may want to keep some of your superfluous items and perhaps consider putting them into storage; at other times the solution will be to simply get rid of them.  Many people continue to hold onto items that are broken and no longer function in the way they are supposed to, such as remote controls that do not work or that are designed for TVs that you no longer possess.  In cases such as this, the answer is simply to take the items to the local garbage dump and dispose of them completely.

On the other hand, you may have items that you do not want to keep or place in storage but feel that it is wrong to throw them out as there is nothing wrong with them.  Do a bit of research online and you may be able to sell them or swap them for something you do need.

Other options for excess items that still function include giving them away to friends or family members or donating them to charity.  If you want to keep some items but do not have room at home, this is the time to rent a storage facility.