What to do when deployment is postponed

What to do when deployment is postponed

Once deployment has been announced, a military service member and their family will have been making arrangements and preparing for a move away from their permanent duty station – but what happens when deployment then gets postponed? Some military members might feel that making a move is still the best idea for their family.

If a delayed deployment has you feeling as if you are trapped in limbo, it might be a good idea to check with your current landlord or installation housing office to see if you can remain in your current home.  The information they will be able to supply will assist you with the decision that you have to make in the light of a delayed deployment.

If you have already changed your address with the post office in preparation for the military move, you should contact them immediately.  Medical offices and schools will also need to be contacted if you have had records sent on in advance of the relocation, as they may need to be sent back.  You will also have made legal and financial arrangements to coincide with the original date for the deployment.  Such arrangements can be kept in place if the delay is only temporary – a week or so – but if is a longer postponement then it might be a good idea to take other steps.

You will most likely have organized a family budget for the relocation that includes the special pay, tax savings and extra incentive pay associated with deployment.  This budget will have to be adjusted with the postponement.