What to Do the Second Day in Your New Home

What to Do the Second Day in Your New Home

Sometimes, the second day of unpacking can be harder than moving day.  On moving day, the adrenaline is flowing and you may be very excited to get settled in the new place.  On days two, three, and leading into the next week, your excitement may have waned.

Here are some tips and tasks that you might want to think about doing on that second day in your new home.  We promise that keeping these in mind might make the next week of moving chores a little less intimidating.

How Will You Be Most Productive?

It really depends on you.  Some experts say that you should unpack one room at a time while others say you should unpack a few boxes in each room and move through the house at an even pace.  Still others think you should unpack the entire house in a day!  If moving has worn you out, there is no way you will finish it all in a day.  Do what you can and don’t overexert yourself.

Make a To-Do List

A to-do list is a great way to stay organized.  If you haven’t moved alone, you may even have some help!  Make your list and then divide the tasks up among your family and friends.  Don’t be too ambitious – take your time and make the effort to do things right.

Take Breaks

On moving day, your engines were probably going non-stop.  On the second day, you don’t have to be as revved up.  Take routine breaks, stop to eat and drink, and just don’t overdo it.  Overdoing it can burn you out and make the whole process seem to take a lot longer.

Jon Huser