What to do in the week before your office move

What to do in the week before your office move

If you are arranging your office move then you need to make sure that certain things are done at certain times; for example, you need to ensure that the new office is completely mapped out so that your staff and movers know where everything should go.

A week before the move is a good time to make sure that everything that is packed up is properly labeled and that all information held on computers and servers is backed up. This will be the week in which you begin to dismantle your IT systems and you need to make sure that your data is safe until you need it again.

While you may want to continue with business as usual as much as possible in the lead up to your move, you need to be aware that holding meetings with clients in your current offices at this stage will make your operation look chaotic, even though there is a good reason for this. Make sure that clients know that you will be unavailable at this time due to the office move and give them a firm date when they will be able to hold meetings with you again; ideally, allow plenty of time after you move into the new office so that you can impress your clients with your new surroundings.

Finally, make sure that you have the right members of staff delegated to assist your professional moving company so that the whole move can run as smoothly as you have been hoping.