What To Disassemble And What To Leave Behind

What To Disassemble And What To Leave Behind

Moving large furniture is both physically and emotionally demanding. It’s a timely process that requires ample planning, proper moving equipment, disassembling tools, and man (or woman) power. Fortunately, there are some items that are simply better left untouched, as well as some tips that will save you a significant amount of stress and frustration.

Leave the TV Wall Mounts

It can be tempting to want to take your TV wall mounts with you. After all, when you originally installed it, television mounts likely weren’t as popular as they are today. However, wall mounts for televisions have progressed over the years and this is one item that may be better left behind for the new homeowners to use. Perhaps the home you’re moving into will do the same and if not, finding and installing new ones will be less work than disassembling your current wall mounts.

Disassemble the Furniture Legs

You don’t have to disassemble all of your furniture but removing the legs will certainly be beneficial. Often times, it’s the legs of tables, couches, and chairs that make it difficult to maneuver these items through a home. So, save yourself some time and keep the bulk furniture pieces together and instead, remove only the items that extend off of it such as table legs and cushions.

Leave the Swing Set and Jungle Gym

Your kids have come to love their backyard swing set and jungle gym. It’s where memories have been made for many summers and disassembling it to move it to your new home has certainly been on your mind. However, backyard playgrounds are the type of items that are often better to leave behind as disassembly and transporting them can be quite difficult and near impossible depending on how they were originally installed and how weathered the detachments areas have become over the years of precipitation.

Disassemble the Bed Frame and Headboard

Beds appear to be large furniture pieces but once you remove the bed frame from the headboard, they’re actually fairly easy to move. So, grab your tools and detach the two from one another and move each item separately.

Leave the Wall Shelves

Most real estate agencies require that anything removed from the home that leaves holes in the wall must be re-filled. So, unless you’re okay with filling nail and screw holes before moving day, wall shelves may be better left where they are.

Disassemble the Wardrobe

The bedroom is definitely an area in the home that requires a lot of disassembling of furniture. From your dresser to your wardrobe, bedside tables and chest, bedrooms are often filled with large, bulky furniture pieces. While you can certainly move dressers and bedside tables as is, if any of your bedroom furniture have additional features such as a large mirror attached to a wardrobe or dresser, you will want to disassemble it. This will allow for the safe and easy moving of such items, while also decreasing the risk of the items becoming damaged.

Leave the Closet Organizer

You’ve come to love your closet organizer but removing it and reinstalling it in your new home can be much more of a hassle than you first anticipated. Leave this item for the new homeowners to enjoy and treat yourself to a brand-new closet in your new humble abode.


Disassembling and reassembling large furniture pieces are often times the most difficult parts of moving, and sometimes, it can’t be avoided depending on the dimensions of the home. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this as Bekins Moving Solutions provides full-service options that handle the most complex tasks involved with moving, from start to finish. This includes the disassembly and reassembly of your items, in addition to packing, transportation, and other moving services.