What is an Urban Neighborhood?

What is an Urban Neighborhood?

There are many words describing city life. While looking for a new home, you may hear the term “urban neighborhood.” But what exactly does that mean? Before choosing a new place to live, it is important that you understand these terms and what it means for your new location. Living in an urban neighborhood has many benefits and advantages. A bit of a warning: after reading this blog you may get a sudden urge to move to the city. If so, call myBekins to help you get there! Let’s talk about going urban.

Urban Neighborhood Defined

An urban neighborhood is usually found in the downtown core of a city. These neighborhoods are not exclusive to any particular state but will always be found in the heart of a major metro area. In larger cities, the majority of homes may consist of apartment buildings, condos, and townhouses.

Culture Shock

We all remember the old TV show Beverly Hillbillies. A family of exaggerated rural folk finds themselves smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of luxury city life in Los Angeles. If you are moving from a rural area, your experience will probably not be so dramatic, but you may experience a bit of a culture shock. Things in an urban neighborhood move at a much faster pace than the country. Drivers may drive more aggressively, the neighborhood may be louder than you are used to, and space may be a bit tighter.

Old Meets New

Urban neighborhoods, particularly those in older cities, have wonderful mixes of old meets new. Older warehouses and buildings are newly renovated and redesigned to create modern masterpieces. Due to space constraints, builders have to be creative and innovative with their designs. The result is a unique opportunity to live in a beautiful historical space right near the city’s core.

City Life

Urban neighborhoods offer reasonable housing prices with an eclectic mix of amenities, attractions, and nightlife.  The area will typically be ethnically diverse and inclusive of all age ranges. Urban neighborhoods are much more walkable than their suburban counterparts. Being close to restaurants, venues, and events can improve your social life substantially. Parking is limited in the city, but there are more opportunities for public transportation. For some cities, it may be worth it to ditch the car before moving in. Unfortunately, some urban areas have higher crime. Make sure to thoroughly research the area you are looking to relocate to prior to your move. Weighing your options can ensure that you are completely happy with your new home.

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