What Is an Auxiliary Service Fee?

What Is an Auxiliary Service Fee?

When you are deciding on a moving service, you should receive a free moving quote from the moving company. On that estimate, you may see something called an auxiliary service. But, what exactly is an auxiliary service provided by a moving company? Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to share with you everything there is to know about every service fee you may encounter as part of your move. We know that budgeting for a move is difficult. We want to make it as easy as possible! As always, if you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Pick Up or Delivery Issues

If a moving company is not able to meet the originally scheduled delivery (or pickup) deadline due to some issue at the moving location, a fee will be charged.  One of the most common problems that could affect the delivery or pickup might be a lack of parking or an inaccessible driveway. Without access to your home or business, the moving company may need to get a smaller van or different moving tools.

How to Avoid Auxiliary Fees

Auxiliary fees are not always mandatory and can be completely avoided with the right preparation. Here are a few ways to prevent auxiliary fees:

  • Make sure that the move location is ready for the movers.
  • Create space so that the moving truck can park close enough to your house.
  • Keep the driveway open.
  • Ask the company to come to your home to check accessibility.
  • Ask how big the moving trucks are and inform the company if there may be issues with fitting the vehicle near your home or business.
  • If the moving trucks cannot fit into a certain area, you may want to consider using a different truck.
  • If your moving company does not provide an on-site consult, choose a different one.

Commercial or Residential Moves

Auxiliary fees can apply to both residential and commercial moves. Make sure prior to your move that you check all access points in the front and rear of your building and ensure that furniture and boxes will be able to be moved out, and that a truck can be parked nearby. With a bit of preparation and advanced warning, auxiliary fees can be avoided, and you can continue with your moving plans and stay on budget.

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