What Food Items Are Safe To Move

What Food Items Are Safe To Move

Packing up your home’s contents is usually a straightforward task. Packing up your fridge, however, seems to be something that is left to the last minute, and there aren’t always clear guidelines about how to pack food. While there are obvious things that cannot be packed, like fresh produce, or perishable goods, we recommend the follow tips for food items that can be moved safely:

Assess What You Have

Take stock of the types of food that you have prior to your move and sort by what you want to consume before leaving, what you want to bring with you, and food that should be composted or disposed of. Anything that doesn’t require refrigeration is fine to pack. This includes:

1. Dry boxed or bagged food such as pasta, dried beans/lentils, cereal, spices, etc.
2. Canned food such as soup, fruit, tomato paste, etc.
3. Preserved/Glass bottles like jams, condiments, pickles, etc.

Take a quick count and plan out your meals for the days leading up to your move. They may not be the most spectacular meals but if it means reducing how much you have to pack – then it is definitely worth it. You can even invite friends over and cook for them, pack lunches for work, and snacks for the move. Avoiding trips to the grocery store will also help keep the number of items in the fridge lower and keep the bills down!


How far are you moving? If it’s out of town, you will want to avoid bringing anything with you that will spoil on the journey. This includes meat, dairy, and any perishables.

If you are staying local, then packing up a few coolers with the contents of your freezer and fridge will save you money, and the hassle of grocery shopping after you finally start to settle into your new space. Remember to use lots of fresh ice and ice packs. If you can deep freeze all your items for a few days before your move and only pack your coolers at the very last moment. This will ensure maximum freshness! Remember that all perishables, no matter how frozen, are not allowed on our trucks. You will need to plan for alternative transportation for any perishables moving with you.

Avoid Tossing It Out

If you have food that is still good, but won’t make the trip, or you just don’t want to pack it up and deal with it during your move, consider giving it away. If possible, donate to a food pantry, but whatever they can’t take, give away to friends and family. Food waste is a big problem today, and avoiding it will save the environment, and help people out who need it the most. Almost 50% of all produce in the US is already thrown out – try avoiding adding to the problem if you can.


All this being said, if you find yourself overwhelmed with any part of the moving process, contact a professional moving service. Bekins Moving Solutions can assist you with all of your moving dilemmas whether it is a local or long-distance move. Contact Bekins Moving Solution today for a free, no obligation quote and let them make your move a breeze!