What can your relocation assistance office help yo …

What can your relocation assistance office help yo …

When you are in the military you will find that there are all kinds of support services that can help you with daily life, one of which is the relocation assistance office. This should be your first port of call when you are given PCS orders, as the range of assistance available will help to make your life easier.

The team at the relocation assistance office will be able to help you to work out the PCS allowances for your military relocation. These are different for everybody, as they depend upon lots of different factors; therefore, getting an accurate figure is important.

The team will also help you to get in touch with the same services at your destination. Most people will need some help to settle in at their new base and all aspects of your move are covered by the relocation assistance office.

The team will also be able to plan a timeline for your military move so that you know what needs to be done and when. The team members will be able to help you to get access to loan items so that you can borrow the basics for everyday life while your possessions are in transit.

They will go through the out-process requirements with you and help you to get a sponsor when this is needed. If you are planning a military move then the team members at the relocation office need to become your good friends, as they will have the answers when you are not sure where to look.