What Attorneys Need to Know About Moving to a New …

What Attorneys Need to Know About Moving to a New  …

Moving to a new state is a bit more complicated for attorneys compared to other professionals. This is because the license to practice law is granted by the state. Requirements for bar licensing vary from state to state. Knowing exactly how to obtain your license to practice law is crucial if you decide to work in a new state. Bekins Moving Solutions has moved everyone from doctors, lawyers, teachers, construction workers, and everyone in-between. As such, we learn a little bit about the challenges and requirements each profession faces during a move. Here are a few things attorneys need to know about moving to a new state.

You May Need to Take the Bar Exam Again

Many states will allow you to transfer your license to a new state as long as you have the required amount of experience. However, some states do not and will require you to take the bar exam in their state. Some states require you to take the full exam (including the multi-state bar exam), or others may only require the state-specific portion as long as your MBE score meets state criteria. To determine if you need to take the state bar exam, contact the state bar and look over transfer requirements.

Ethics Requirements

Study up on your new state’s ethics, which may vary from the federal guidelines. For example, some states have extremely strict laws on attorney advertising while others are more relaxed. Some states may require you to take the state ethics exam as a new entering attorney. Consult with a few training programs to determine which one offers the best study materials. Most states have ethic guidelines available for free online on the state bar’s website.

Brush up on State Law

As any attorney knows, each state can differ in their law on a particular subject. Depending on your practice area, this may be a slight change or a big one. Visit the law library in your new state and do some research on the state laws that might affect your cases. As an attorney, you are required to have a complete understanding of how these laws impact your client.

Connect with Other Attorneys

Attend networking events for lawyers in your new state. Meeting attorneys that live in your city is the best way to start to get acquainted with the law community. Connecting with locals is a great way to build a new referral base and also have support and resources to reach out to when you have a question about local laws. After gathering a few business cards, keep in touch by scheduling a few lunches or light meetings over coffee. Pretty soon, your new city will feel like home.

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