What are the Differences Between Portable Storage …

What are the Differences Between Portable Storage  …

If you’re planning a move or have ever relocated, you know that there are a couple of options when it comes to getting the job done – the full-service move and the DIY move. But, did you know that there are options in between the two?

There’s the self-move, which allows you to customize the services you want the movers to do and what you do yourself. This is often a more cost-effective option when you’re on a strict budget. With a self-move, you may have to choose between a portable storage unit and a rental truck – but what’s the difference, really?

Here’s what’s similar about the two: Both are provided by the moving company and are delivered to your house. You are responsible for loading and unloading both and depending on your preferences, the moving company may transport the container (or truck) to your new home. You may also decide to drive the moving truck on your own with some self-serve options.  Full-service moving solutions will take care of this for you.

But, there are other differences as well. Here’s the lowdown on portable storage units versus rental trucks:

  • There’s no absolutely driving required with a portable storage container. You may or may not have to drive the truck.
  • The rental contract period will differ between a portable storage unit and a moving truck. Typically, you have more time with the portable container.
  • There is usually more flexibility with a portable storage container – in the instance you need to store your stuff unexpectedly, you already have a solution. However you have to give the truck back!

Lance Grooms