What Are Patio Homes?

What Are Patio Homes?

One of the latest trends in alternative real estate is the idea of the patio home.  But, do you actually know what a patio home is?  Are you ready to move into a patio home?  It helps to actually know what this is before you even start packing.

Traditionally, patio homes are single-story houses that share at least one sidewall, but perhaps two, and have a patio in the back.  These types of homes don’t necessarily have a backyard.  Today, the modern patio home is based on the same principle but you may see two, three or even four homes attached. You can also have patio homes with more than one story. Patio homes differ from townhouses because there are usually only a few in a continuous row.

If you plan on moving into a patio home and are not going to be renting the property, you will be the owner of the home outright.  That means all the maintenance and repairs on the inside and outside of the property is your responsibility.  However, there will be a common yard area that all owners of the connected homes can use.  Usually, there is a swimming pool in this common area, for which all owners pay upkeep.

Patio homes are very popular in areas that have a lot of retirees, like Arizona.  In fact, if you notice an increase in retirees and seniors moving to a particular location, you might also see an increase in the number of patio home developments available.

Just remember, if you like having your own backyard and don’t want to be sharing a wall with a neighbor (or two), then moving into a patio home probably isn’t right for you.

Jon Huser