We’re Not in Manhattan Anymore, Emmy

We’re Not in Manhattan Anymore, Emmy

Now that everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family is back on the air in Showtime’s wildly popular series Shameless, we all have something to look forward to every Sunday night.  Monday mornings by the water cooler we can discuss whether we think the eldest Gallagher daughter, Fiona, will ever move out of that crazy house.

Well, the actress that portrays the character, Emmy Rossum, has definitely moved out on her own. In fact, the native New Yorker now lives in the Hollywood Hills and recently was outraged by none other than a mountain lion.  Curious?

Over the holidays, Ms. Rossum was sitting her in backyard, enjoying the scenery, when a mountain lion actually appeared on her property and began drinking from her pool.  Instead of experiencing a sense of awe by the wondrous, and dangerous creature – or any fear – Rossum proceeded to shoo the animal away.

Rossum explains her reaction as a real “New York instinct.”  There wasn’t any fear that moved her to try and scare the animal away; it was outrage.  Now, we don’t know about you, but if a mountain lion was drinking out of our pool, we might run inside!

Immediately after the incident, Rossum notified Animal Control.  However, the experience did enlighten the actress to the fact that she is a world away from the Big Apple.  Apparently, she’s moved into the real wilderness!

Lance Grooms