Watson and Hawke to undergo regression

Former Harry Potter star Emma Watson has signed to star in Regression, the new thriller from director Alejandro Amenabar, alongside actor Ethan Hawke; Amenabar’s previous films include the Nicole Kidman ghost story The Others. The plot is being kept secret but appears to be involve a man accused of abusing his daughter and admitting his guilt despite having no memory of it, with similar abuse claims then surfacing all over their community.

The screenplay was also written by Amenabar, with his MOD Entertainment partner Fernando Bovaira handling production with Christina Pivoesan.  “Emma is a beautiful, humane, sensitive and very talented woman and I feel very fortunate to be working with her,” Amenabar says.  “I’m sure that her long-standing stellar career has barely begun.”

For her part, Watson appears to be equally enthused about the prospect of working with Amenabar, noting: “I am passionate about Alejandro and his work and am so happy to be collaborating with him.” Watson adds that the character she is playing presents a challenge to her as an actress that she is looking forward to confronting.  “I can’t wait to begin,” she says.

Watson is well known for her long-running role as heroine Hermione Granger in the phenomenally popular Harry Potter series.  Since the franchise came to an end in 2011, she has expanded into other roles in films such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and This is the End.