Warner blinks over Captain America v Batman showdo …

Warner blinks over Captain America v Batman showdo …

Warner Bros has revealed the release dates for a number of movies, all based on DC Comics.  In the process it has made the decision to release the 3D Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which stars Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, on 25th of March 2016 and thereby avoid a much-anticipated showdown with the third Captain America film, which is scheduled for release on May 6, 2016.

Batman v Superman is being seen as the cornerstone of the DC Comics universe owned by Warner Bros, with the studio clearly unwilling to take the risk of scheduling it against another sure-fire blockbuster.  It was expected that one studio or another would blink in the face-off, given that the movies are clearly aimed at the same audience, and in the end this was Warner.

A Warner Bros inside claims that the decision was not about “flinching” but was simply due to the new date being “a fantastic corridor for us”.  There is no denying that March has become an increasingly popular month for studios to release big ‘tentpole’ movies, with the most recent example being the latest Hunger Games blockbuster.

Another insider claims that Warner Bros is confident about making the move, given that both Marvel and Disney have had big successes creating new corridors with Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April and Guardians of the Galaxy in August.