Warm Sugar gets set for move

Warm Sugar: A Cupcakery is expected to be closing its doors at 1308 Main Street in Hellertown in August, but cupcake lovers need not worry too much – the shutdown is only taking place because the bakery is moving to a new location.

Amy Wardle, the owner of the bakery, says she does not have an exact date scheduled for the move. She is also keeping quiet about the exact location where the bakery will be moving to, but has confirmed that the relocation is most definitely going to be taking place.  Wardle also wishes to let women out there who are going to be walking down the aisle in the fall know that the move will not cause any interruption to orders that have already been booked.

As if all of the hype and secrecy around the move was not enough, Warm Sugar has yet another business project in full bloom.  Late last summer the company launched Artisan’s Kitchen Project, which is a method of sharing their certified kitchen with budding entrepreneurs during the off-hours of the popular bakery.  “It’s a way of fostering local foods and artisans,” Wardle says. Wardle calls it “a way of dipping their toes in the water”.  The scheme removes a good deal of the red tape for people who might be contemplating opening a shop of their own, with the offer of a certified kitchen, the option to retail via an existing bakery, and food safety training.

Gene Salaz