Voters Moving Towards Romney

Voters Moving Towards Romney

It seems many Republican voters have moved over to Mitt Romney as the front running candidate.  Ballots for Republicans will be cast this week in Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota and Maine.  These are some of the states that Romney has managed to get financial backing from.  They are also the states where Romney has an organizational advantage.  In a move last week he managed to gain Nevada and Florida.

Romney may be relocating to the White House if the Republicans win the November elections, but then again things could change quickly in the next few months.  There are still three other Republican candidates, so they may win out over Romney and end his plans for relocation

Those who vote are certainly getting a lot of information about candidates in recent weeks.  Romney started a campaign Monday 6th February.  This is on the offensive to the defensive his rival Rick Santorum started with.  Rick Santorum is gunning for the votes in Minnesota and managed to get some interest in Massachusetts after delivering a speech in which he stated that Massachusetts’ residents should not have to purchase medical insurance.

He is one of the contenders that Romney will have to move ahead of if he wishes to make it as the final Republican candidate in the November elections.  As usual the elections are teaming with information on the candidates that have some truth and certainly some out of context words to throw dirt.

Lance Grooms