Vital information when making an overseas military …

Vital information when making an overseas military …

Receiving orders to make a military move to an overseas location is just the beginning of a major process that you are going to have to go through.

Every service has its own family travel screening process for family members who are going to be making a move abroad with you.  Should an educational or medical need have been identified and you have not enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, you will have to fill out two forms: DD Form 2792 and DD Form 2792-1.  The family travel screening office will then forward the information on all family members to the Department of Defense Activity and Military Treatment Facility area coordinator to decide whether education services or early medical intervention are available.

Should such services not be available, the assignment personnel staff will decide whether the service member has to fulfill the assignment or if there is another duty assignment on offer.  You can save time during the screening process by enrolling in the EFMP and making sure that you provide up to date and accurate information.

If you have not been enrolled and a member of your family is identified as requiring special needs, family travel screening will most likely be placed on hold until the completion of the enrollment process.  It is vital that you have been cleared for military relocation before you arrange the shipment of your household items.