Veterans Day

Veterans Day takes place every year on November 11th.  Veterans Day was created in order to be able to honor the members of all the branches of the armed forces that valiantly serve the United States.  Veterans have served and fought to keep the United States safe, to protect its citizens and preserve their way of life.  Veterans have given their time and both risked and in some cases lost their life in the ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans Day was originally known under the name Armistice Day and was celebrated for the very first time almost a century ago, back in 1921.  President Eisenhower changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954 in order to honor all the people that served and died in every war.

At 11.11am on 11th November 1921, England, France and the United States all buried one unknown soldier in order to honor all those who lost their lives during the First World War.  This was the beginning of the annual Armistice Day.  The significance of this particular date and time was chosen was due to the fact that fighting in World War I finally came to an end at 11.11am on 11th November 1918.

In order to keep up with this tradition, every year work stops on 11th November in order to allow for a moment of silence to honor those who fought and died for what they believed in during wartime.