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Verizon Wireless undergoing relocation of employees

Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile phone carrier in the US.  It has announced that three of its call centers are going to be closed.  This will require employee relocation.  The facilities are going to be closed so that they can make better use of their overall facilities.  The effort is to improve customer service.  Centers in Michigan, Washington and Texas will be closed at the end of 2012.  At this time employees will be sent to Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

The closure of the facilities will affect 3,175 employees.  Some of these employees will be given relocation packages.  Basically employees that are in good standing with the company and are worth moving are going to be offered relocation to the new facilities.  They will also be given benefits to make this happen.

They do have a choice of what office move they can move.  The two northern California centers are going to become one and some of the west coast employees can choose to move to California instead of relocating across the entire US. Centers in Ohio and Illinois will also be consolidated, where employees will also be given a choice to move to the Midwest.

Verizon stated that the office moves are going to help maximize customer service and company resources in order to ensure that the consumer is receiving the best care.  Verizon currently has 82,000 people in the US that they employ.  The decision was not an easy one to make, but the company hopes that it is the right one.

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