Vector Security to move HQ from Ross

Vector Security to move HQ from Ross

Vector Security is planning to move its headquarters out of Ross Township.  The company is apparently intending to move to Warrendale.  The North American headquarters of Vector Security is preparing for a shift from its current location on McKnight East Drive in the township of Ross, with the firm intending on a move to Keystone Summit Corporate Park, which is in Warrendale.

The brand new office space in Warrendale will be able to house up to 150 employees and is set to be by far the biggest of the firm’s central monitoring stations, according to a statement issued by Vector Security.

“Pittsburgh has been the home of Vector Security for over 26 years,” says the president and chief executive officer of Vector Security, Pam Petrow.  “We are committed to this region and the customers we serve.  We selected the Pittsburgh area because it is a great place to live and work for our employees.  This move reinforces that we are here to stay and look forward to providing quality security solutions for many years to come.”

The firm has indicated that the relocation from Ross to Warrendale was very important, due to the fact that the company’s demands had changed and there was a need to provide room for further expansion.  The brand new corporate headquarters will be situated at 2000 Ericsson Drive, which is 15 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh.

Gene Salaz