Valuing your shipment

Valuing your shipment

Every professional moving company is required by law to assume liability for the value of the items that are being moved.  There are various levels of liability; therefore, you need to understand both the amount of protection that is offered by each level and the charges that apply.

There are two different kinds of liability that your moving company will be required to provide.  These can be explored in detail in the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move brochure that your mover is also obliged to provide.  You need to make sure that you have carefully read this information and that you follow the instructions so that you are able to provide an accurate value for your shipment.

The most comprehensive type of liability that you can take out to protect your goods during relocation is known as full (replacement) value protection.  If any item is damaged, destroyed or lost during the move, your moving company will have to repair it, pay you to have it repaired, replace it with an item of the same quality and value, or pay you to purchase a replacement. There are certain restrictions and limitations that you need to fully understand and see about how these may apply to your move.

The second option is the alternative level of liability.  This option allows moving companies to limit their liability for damage or loss to items that are extremely valuable unless you have specifically listed these goods on the shipping documents.  You should carefully study this provision and make any necessary declarations. Each type of move and originating location may affect options available to you.  Be sure to ask your professional moving consultant about the specifics of your move.