Using storage during home renovations

Using storage during home renovations

Everyone knows somebody who has camped out in a spare room in the midst of a home renovation project or who has lived through the turmoil of having such disorder in their own household.  One option to help to ease the clutter, hassle and pain often associated with such renovations is storage.  Residential renovations seems to have grown in popularity of late, perhaps in part due to a spate of inspiring TV shows and the tighter budgets caused by the economy, and it is important to manage the overall cost of the renovations to ensure that you do not end up significantly out of pocket by the time the project comes to an end.

You can protect your possessions during home renovations by making the decision to temporarily move them into storage.  Making use of the services offered by a storage facility also saves time and money, as the freeing up of space in your home will allow both yourself and any tradespeople you may need to hire to move around freely and ensure that the job can be completed in a more timely manner than might otherwise be the case.  If you do make the decision to put your goods into storage, there are a number of helpful tips that can be of great assistance in ensuring that you stay on top of things during this hectic time.

It is very important to do your research before starting your renovations or hiring a storage facility.  There are various blogs and forums online featuring lots of helpful advice about how to use storage facilities and anecdotes about personal experiences.  You can simplify the process by making sure that you thoroughly check out all the services on offer, including warehouse facilities and mobile storage containers.  It is also a good idea to box your possessions up before putting them into storage, as this makes the process of moving them easier and offers greater protection for your belongings.  There are some storage facilities that might even provide a loading service.

It is important to make sure that you invest in quality when using a storage facility; do not simply go for the cheapest option.  Make certain that the storage facility you choose is run by a reputable firm that is renowned for the quality of the service it offers.  Read testimonials and customer reviews online and ask for advice from friends, colleagues and family members.

It is also crucial to set a realistic time frame and budget for your renovation project.  Many people underestimate the length of time that can be involved in such projects; therefore, you need to take into account any curve balls or roadblocks that you might encounter along the way.  Calculate the time involved realistically and ask for free quotes from several storage facilities.