Useful tips for storage

Useful tips for storage

If you are making a move and need to put some of your possessions into storage, it is a good idea to have at least some degree of knowledge about what to expect and what kind of preparations you should make to ensure that your goods are stored in the best and most appropriate way possible.  The good news is that even total newcomers to the world of putting things into storage when they move will find it less of an ordeal if they follow a few simple tips.

If you are intending to store furniture upon relocation, it should be covered and if possible disassembled prior to being put into storage.  Table legs should be wrapped with packing paper to prevent any scratches, while assembled tables should be placed top down on the floor with their legs pointing toward the ceiling.  A pallet or blankets should be laid down between the furniture and the storage facility’s floor.  Chairs should be packed seat to seat, separated only by paper or cloth, and you should do your very best to avoid leaning or stacking items of furniture against the outside walls.

Storing metal is a different matter entirely.  If you intend to store a bicycle or any tools, you should wipe a couple of drops of oil on them in order to protect against rust.  You can avoid any oil staining simply by storing any exposed items in a different place.

Storing breakables is another issue that can be a little on the tricky side if you do not really know what you are doing.  Bowls, plates and saucers should be individually wrapped and placed in a china carton.  It is also a smart move to make use of a china carton divider kit for the purpose of increased security.  The carton should be filled with paper in the bottom and the top, and in any other empty spaces.

When it comes to storing books or any kind of valuable papers, the best advice is to use file boxes.  These are by far the best containers for these kinds of important documents.  Books should be packed flat, with any empty spaces being filled in order to cut down on movement.  It is important to remember that books are heavy and it is therefore a good idea to avoid overfilling the cartons.  Not only might they collapse if there are too many books in them but also someone has to move them, and it might even be you!  Pallets can be kept free of any moisture by putting plastic sheeting on the top.

If you want to store any big appliances or pieces of equipment, you should remember to leave the doors of appliances slightly ajar.  This makes sure that they stay clean and dry, as they could otherwise be damaged by moisture and mildew.  You can also make use of the storage space inside such appliances for other small items.