Useful tips for an office move

Useful tips for an office move

Moving an office can be a very special kind of challenge due to the fact that it frequently has to take place while business is still in the process of being conducted.  The good news is that there are a few helpful hints that can be followed in order to ease the amount of stress on everyone involved in an office move.

One good tip is to make a destination floor plan.  A plan such as this can be make it very easy for movers and staff to be able to put the equipment and furniture in the right places.

All office and moving company staff should be given access to this plan, and extra copies should be made to give out at both the original and the new office locations.  The floor plan should come with color codes and labels to make certain that the boxes and furniture are correctly positioned.  This is something that is particularly important if the new office has more than just the one floor.

It is also a good idea to evaluate the new facilities to create awareness of what is available there.  Obtain a map of the parking lots or structures and create temporary parking assignments to avoid any confusion in the first couple of weeks after the move.  Should parking permits be required, they should be arranged in advance and be ready to be distributed at the new office.

Gene Salaz