Useful moving tips

Useful moving tips

Moving home is often cited as being one of the stressful experiences people encounter in their lifetime; however, making such a move can also be an exciting and wonderful time.  The task can be made a lot less daunting with professional help and careful planning, which will help you to spend more time enjoying the positive aspects of the change.

Your move needs to be carefully planned well in advance.  Depending on the number of items you want to take with you to your new home, this planning might take weeks or even months.  As soon as you make the decision to move you should get in touch with a number of professional moving companies and request estimates.

Whichever moving company you decide you want to hire, ask about the protocol when it comes to bad weather conditions.  If severe weather is forecast for the day of the move you may want to contact your moving company to see if you can reschedule.  At the very least you should remove any debris, ice or snow from your loading area and driveway before the moving company arrives.

Electronics should be disconnected about three hours before the move and it is a good idea to take photographs to help you to reconnect the leads after the move has been completed.  Refrigerators and freezers should be unplugged, defrosted and dried out at least one day before relocation.  Avoid packing liquids if the outside temperature is freezing, as they can explode or expand and ruin other goods.