Useful moving tips for military families

Useful moving tips for military families

When making a military move, it is obvious that you will need to check your insurance, research the new place you are relocating to and get in touch with the transportation office on your installation; however, there are other less obvious tips that can help to ensure that your move will be a smooth one.

One good tip is to start planning your military move early ‒ but not too early.  Many people in military families start planning as soon as they hear the word ‘orders’, which can be several months in advance of finding out precisely where they will be moving to.  Waiting for the orders to arrive is the most sensible option and will keep frustration and stress to a minimum.

A good practical piece of advice is to create a moving binder.  More paperwork than you ever thought possible will be generated by your relocation and you will need somewhere to keep everything to prevent the process from becoming overwhelming or any important documents from getting lost.  Create a brightly-colored binder complete with sleeve protectors to hold copies of your military relocation orders, birth certificates, mortgage documents, rental agreements, social security cards etc.

If you still have boxes from your previous military move left unpacked, get rid of them.  Military families move an average of once every two and a half years; therefore, if you have not used these items in this time, the chances are that you will never use them again.