US military used unmanned drone for attack in Paki …

US military used unmanned drone for attack in Paki …

Today an Islamist group of militants took responsibility for a Wednesday attack on a Libya/US diplomatic outpost.  The group stated it was in retaliation for the US unmanned drone attack on Abu Yahya al-Libi in northwest Pakistan.  Abu Yahya al-Libi was an al-Qaeda member that the US military had been hunting since 9-11.  The move by the military drone was something the US planned so that it could wipe out the second in command, given that a US military move along the ground may have been ineffective.

The bomb attack on the US military location may have the US military moving about in Libya as it looks for those responsible, as well as give notice of another drone attack if the US can find the location of those who decided to bomb the consular office.  Luckily the bomb happened when there were not that many people in the building, which means there were no casualties and the damage to the office was actually rather small.

This is the first attack of its time in a northern African location since NATO helped drive Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from power in 2011.  The Brigades of Captive Omar Abdul was the group that took responsibility for the attack.  Investigators are going to look into it to decide if they were truly the party responsible.  The US will take no action until it knows who was responsible.  Also, the action the US will take has not yet been determined, given that the US is as yet unconvinced as to who was actually responsible.

A Libyan official gave a broadcast statement about a group of men who left a plastic bag at the scene.  The bag contained the dynamite bomb that was placed near the embassy.  The group were able to get away before the guards spotted them.  The bomb went off a few minutes after it was planted.  In the statement taking responsibility, the US was warned that America would see more of a response on its own soil.  This may have Washington preparing for a military move on US soil, as well as in Libya, to stop any attacks from happening.

While certain areas have calmed down, it is often due to the relocation of the perpetrators moving out of the US occupied area to hide in other areas.  Unfortunately there are still plenty of people out there that would like to ruin the US and completely cripple it, just like the 9-11 attacks tried to do.  Those in power in Libya did condemn the attacks and do not wish for the US to think the entire country had anything to do with it.  Libya needs help from NATO and its allies, given the rebel troubles the country has.  The US military may have been leaving some Middle East areas, but the chances are that the troops will go to places they are welcomed and especially areas that are seeing a lot of unrest.