US military moves are cautious

US military moves are cautious

The entire Middle East is a hot bed right now for the US military.  A wrong move could open the gap wider again and create more trouble than already exists.

Egypt has stated that it is looking to be more cooperative with the West in future, but not to the extent of wanting any help, especially if it would mean military moves into the country.  This relationship has also affected Egypt’s and the US’s influence in the rest of the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and numerous Persian Gulf countries were not happy, or at least very surprised, about how President Obama decided to handle ousted Egyptian president Mubarak.  Saudi Arabia last year issued a warning to the US that if they tried to block a move where they would condemned the Bahrain uprising backed by Iran then their relationship would be over.  The US did not make an improper move and instead ignored the treatment of people in Bahrain.  It is not unheard of for the US to make such a move to support Egypt.  For 40 years both countries have had a good relationship, in which the US offers $1.5 billion a year to Egypt.  It is used mostly for the Egyptian military.  The surprising part comes from the backing that President Morsi has.  He is part of the Muslim brotherhood.

President Morsi has also changed how the military power works in a recent move.  New elections are imminent, which is causing some concern in the Middle East.

Lance Grooms