Unpacking tips

Unpacking tips

You have packed, you have moved, and now comes the fun part – unpacking!  If you have packed as systematically and as carefully as you should have done then unpacking your possessions in your new home should be the simple and easy bit; however, there are still a few helpful pieces of advice to help as you start to set up your new home.

No one in their right mind wants to still be looking at boxes six months after relocation.  The trick to unpacking is prioritizing, and the key is to begin unpacking with all of the essentials that you will need straight after your move, such as clean sheets, food and toothbrushes.  You can then move on to your most beloved creature comforts.  The items that were the first to be packed are probably going to be the items that it is best to leave until last when it comes to unpacking.

You should begin the unpacking process with the box you set aside for things such as clean sheets, towels, soap, and the tools for assembling furniture, as well as items such as remote controls, spare keys and plastic cups and plates.

The first rule of unpacking is to never unpack a box until you have somewhere to put everything that is inside it.  Nor is it ever too late to throw anything away; in fact, unpacking is another great opportunity to rid yourself of items that you no longer need.

Jon Huser