Unpacking Tips

Unpacking Tips

Now that you are in your new space, along with boxes and boxes of your personal possessions, it’s time to get started on unpacking. This may feel like an overwhelming task but consider the following tips to help you come up with a plan of attack.

Essentials First

Do not try and do everything all at once. It’s easy to feel overpowered when surrounded by a multitude of things that all need to find a home and get put away. Find the most important essentials that you’ll need in the first few days of living in your new place. Take out your clothing, toiletries, dishes and utensils, phone and laptop chargers, any valuables that you need to keep track of and anything else that you use on a very regular basis.

Helping Hands

Trying to do all your unpacking yourself will probably cause heartache and undue stress. Plan ahead to have some friends or family come by and help with this task. Make sure to delegate tasks and have a plan so their and your time is used efficiently. Not only will you finish soon but you will find your self less drained and having fun at the same time.


As you unpack, take an inventory of everything. It’s inevitable that you will want to replace or refresh certain things, so make a checklist of items you currently have versus things you would like to buy. If you skip over this step, you might end up with multiples of the same object, wasting money and valuable time.

Get in the Mindset

Sometimes, when people feel overwhelmed, they choose to not deal with the task at hand. Try and get yourself in the right mindset to tackle unpacking after you have moved. It’s not necessary to unpack everything all in one go, but dedicate time to getting yourself situated so it doesn’t feel like you’re living out of boxes.

Don’t Hang Onto Things You Don’t Need

Once everything has been unpacked and put away, get rid of excess things that no longer serve you. Recycle or donate moving boxes if they are still reusable. Free up your living space and don’t hold onto things if you know you won’t be using them again. The same can be said for things that you now realize don’t work for you in your new place. If furniture doesn’t fit, or your decor just doesn’t look right, consider donating or selling. Another alternative in case you don’t want to get rid of your things is to put them in storage. Bekins Moving Solutions offers safe and secure storage for everything that you just can’t part with.

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