Unpacking in Your New Home – A Few Tips

Unpacking in Your New Home – A Few Tips

Upon arriving at your brand new home, following a not so insignificant move across the country or state, the simple idea of unpacking everything that was loaded into boxes the day before can appear quite daunting and downright scary. You took your sweet time to load everything into boxes, wrap the items in bubble wrap, and then load everything into a truck to be moved to a new home. Upon arrival, you may find yourself surrounded by boxes – you want all of sorted as quickly as possible.

The First Steps

Your very first step in unpacking your new home should be to situate the furniture and move it all into place. Obviously, your furniture is the largest items to be moved, which means they take up more space than anything else. This is where using a professional moving company, like Bekins Moving Solutions, comes into play. It really does pay to hire a company who knows exactly what they are doing and can safely move and unload all items from the truck. Thinking in advance is the most beneficial aspect of planning a move.

Instead of sifting through every single box individually upon unloading them from the truck, one should consider labeling each box during the packing process by room to make the process easier and quicker for everyone involved.

The Professionals

When hiring a moving company, you want those trained professionals who will go above and beyond for their customer. Little tidbits here and there will effectively make the move easier. For example, professional movers will assemble beds, place mirrors back onto the dresser where required and move furniture into their respective rooms. On your end – the customer – after having packed carefully beforehand, you could easily unpack all of the bedding, pillows, and other items that really make a room.

On your first day, an essentials box should be your first thought. Packing all of the items you may require on your first day in the new home will help make things move smoothly. This box should include your house phone, toiletries, refreshments, and perhaps even the television remote so you may relax after a long day. Other items to consider include an ink pen or a box cutter (a useful tool when it comes to unpacking the rest of the boxes.)

Moving With Kids

If you happen to be moving with children in tow, there are a few ways to make the entire process less stressful for them. For example, when it comes to dinner, plan on ordering out for a few days while everything is being straightened out. Put all toys into a playroom so the kids can enjoy themselves while everything is being unpacked. The children’s rooms are vital, especially on the first day.

When packing, allow the children to help with their own rooms. Let them pack their items into specific boxes that should be marked beforehand.

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