How To Unpack A House After You Move

How To Unpack A House After You Move

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’re almost done moving, and all you have left to do is unpack. Unfortunately, unpacking isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure you could do it quickly, just take everything out of the box and unpack with no particular plan but that will just create a problem for your future self. However, with these easy tips, you can unpack like a pro and stay organized.  

Come Up with a Plan

First thing that you should do before you start unpacking is come up with a plan of attack. Decide which rooms are higher priorities, what each room is going to be used for, what the furniture set up of each room is going to look like and how many days you plan to take to unpack.

Once you have an idea of what each room is going to be used for and what is going into each room you can start putting the appropriate boxes into each room. This way once you get to the room and start unpacking you know exactly what is going into the room and how much space you have to work with.

Unpack a Room at a Time

This is always easier said than done. However, this trick can save you a lot of time and can help ensure that you stay organized throughout your move. Completing a room before moving on to next will ensure that you don’t miss any boxes and that everything gets put into the proper place before you move on. Having a room complete is better than having a few rooms almost complete.

Set Priorities and Know What you need to Keep the House Running.

As mentioned before the best plan of attack is to finish a room completely before moving onto the next one, so decide which rooms you think are the most important to keep the house running.

For most people that room is the kitchen. This is where most families spend a lot of their time as well as where all food is. This also might be the hardest to unpack but once you’re done you’ll at least have a common space everyone can sit and use if they need a break.

Next, we recommend the bedrooms so that you can get accustomed to your new house and make your room your own space. This will give you some time to get to know your new house, make it your new home, and allow you to have a place crash at the end of the night without having to worry.

Lastly, we recommend the washrooms so you have your all your needs covered and if your move is taking multiple days at least you have access to all your toiletries and can go through your morning routine.

Pace Yourself

Our last piece of advice for you is to pace yourself and enjoy your new home as you unpack. Use this time to get to know your new home and how you want to use each space. Plus, you’ve just spent the whole day moving and working with the movers to determine where everything goes which alone can be very tiring. So look at your action plan see how many days you’ve allotted and don’t work yourself too hard.

Moving to a new house can be a stressful time but it doesn’t have to be. Come up with a plan that you can manage and space it over a timeline that you can stick to and before you know it, your new home will be unpacked, organized and ready for you to enjoy.