Unloading after a DITY military move

Unloading after a DITY military move

After you have made your DITY move and arrived at your new home, you will have to begin the process of unloading all of your worldly goods.  There are a number of things that will have to be taken into consideration before and while you are doing so.

The first thing to think about is whether you have anybody to assist you with the unloading of your items after your DITY move.  Friends will usually help, the neighbors might also volunteer their assistance after coming out to greet you, and there might be help forthcoming from a sponsor from your new unit if you have one.  Make sure to demonstrate that you appreciate their help by offering drinks and snacks to whoever gives you their assistance.

You should also make certain that you are in possession of all the appropriate equipment that you need to unload your belongings, such as gloves, ladders, dollies and ramps.  Keep in mind that there is just as much danger of injury unloading as there was while loading.  You should also remember that the load could have shifted in transit, so get some assistance if it looks as if taking out a box could result in an avalanche.

Make sure to open your truck with great care.  Items can sometimes move against the door, which makes it both difficult and often even dangerous to open.  Proceed slowly and make certain to get help if you need it.

Rick Wozniak