Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day

If ever there was a holiday to become befuddled over, this is the one.  After extensive research it is clear that there are actually a number of different Children’s Day events that take place all over the world.

Universal Children’s Day takes place on 20th November each year.  The UN General Assembly recommended nearly 60 years ago – back in 1954 – that every country should establish its own Universal Children’s Day on the appropriate date.  It appears that countries did just that – on completely different dates dotted throughout the calendar year!  20th November is the date on which the UN’s resolution was adopted.

Another notable date is International’s Children’s Day, which takes place every year on the second Sunday in December.  This is the day that television broadcasters ‘tune into kids’, thanks to a joint initiative between the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and UNICEF.

One very notable child-related date on the calendar is World Children’s Day, which also takes place on 20th November but is nonetheless distinct from Universal Children’s Day, being the date chosen for fundraisers for the Ronald McDonald House Charities by McDonalds.  The very first official World Children’s Day was ten years ago, on 20th November 2002, and was celebrated worldwide as a method of celebrating children and benefiting RMHC chapters on a global level.

Japan also has a national holiday called Children’s Day, which has been held on 5th May every year since 1948.