Underwater robotics company relocating

Underwater robotics company relocating

VideoRay and Pottstown Area Industrial Development have announced a relocation plan for the VideoRay headquarters.  The operations are currently in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, but the company will be moving to a new location.  The new building will provide more space for the company.  While the relocation is occurring in the same town there will be 35 employees affected by the move.

These 35 employees will be part of the management section, such as corporate administration, engineering, marketing, repair, and assembly.  The manufacturer is growing rapidly so they are requiring a move to a larger building.  It also means there will be an increase in size for their workforce.

There may be a chance in the next year for new employees.  It could mean someone who has been trained to work on underwater ROVs could be relocated to Pottstown, Pennsylvania as part of the new workforce the company promises to bring in.

The president of the company stated they are very excited to grow large enough for a new building and, more importantly, for employees to move and potentially grow in numbers.  They have added to the community and attracted attention because of their high tech company.  Pottstown is quite happy for the company to be their home.

The growth potential certainly means great things for Pottstown, as other businesses may be affected by the new workers and thus establish the need to add more jobs in other places.  The new building is close to the Tri County Performing Arts Center.

Lance Grooms