Una Healy contemplates moving to Ireland

Una Healy contemplates moving to Ireland

Una Healy is considering making a move back to her native Ireland in order to bring up her little girl Aoife Belle, although she admits she knows that the move would need to have some tricky negotiations worked out for her career and that of Ben Foden, her husband.

The Saturdays singer has been doing a lot of thinking about the future of her family, and acknowledges that she would find it difficult to move back to Ireland when there are the careers of Foden and herself to take into consideration.  “I have thought about raising Aoife in Ireland if it was possible, maybe in the future, but for now we’ll see,” Una wrote in a column in Hello magazine.  “It all really depends on mine and Ben’s schedule.  I do go back to Ireland quite regularly, and still call it home.”

Una also revealed that she has taken her daughter on a visit to her home country just recently and that the little girl adored being able to have a play on the beach.  Una also took the little one to visit her own mother, dad and sister in Clonakitty in Cork.

Besides family, there is another very good reason why Una might want to move back home – crab claws, her favorite food.  Una will be spending some time in Ireland again quite soon; she is fronting a new TV show called Una’s Dream Ticket, in which she will assist teenagers across the country to make their dreams come true.