Trivia Day

Trivia Day takes place on 4th January every year.  Everyone knows someone who always seems to have the answer to every question no matter how trivial the subject matter.  Some people find this very annoying; if so, they will no doubt find the idea that a whole day has been set aside to honor and observe such trivia even more infuriating!

January 4th is the date on which Trivia Day is observed, although precisely when and how Trivia Day first came into being is something of a trivia mystery in itself.  Some believe that it is a day of celebration that deserves to be observed with the same respect as any other, while others think the whole thing was the creation of the cyberspace community for a joke!

Nonetheless, regardless of how it first came about, 4th January is now the day to appreciate that trivia specialist in your life.  How else you can you celebrate and mark Trivia Day?  One way is to try to become a trivia guru yourself.  Pretend that you are a sponge and start soaking up all the useless pieces of information that you can find.

Websites such as can be helpful for this task.  This website stores thousands of tidbits of useless information and the more you read, the more such morsels will become fixed in your memory ready to surprise the know-it-all in your life and truly honor Trivia Day in all its glory!