Trick or Treat: Tips for Identifying Moving Scams

Trick or Treat: Tips for Identifying Moving Scams

Moving can be scary when you don’t have the support of a professional mover. But what is particularly frightening is when you hire a rogue mover with a hidden agenda to overcharge, or worse, steal all your things. Thankfully, there are some particular things you can spot that can help identify scammers and moving thieves before they get away with your money or belongings. Bekins Moving Solutions believes that customers are entitled to honest service. Here are a few tips for identifying the most popular moving scams.

Paying Everything Up Front

Any mover that requires an unusually large deposit, being paid in full, or cash-only before the move is likely to be scamming you. When you use cash, you forfeit the ability to fight the charge later on if it ends up being a scam. Make sure that you use a credit card when paying for any moving service.

New Company, New Name

After a scamming moving company has been found out, it is popular for them to pop up under a different name. Customers should be wary of moving companies that have little to no business history. When looking for professional movers, ask about their experience, years in business, and their official business name. You can check them out in the public record to confirm their legitimacy.

Excessive Extra Fees

While it is normal for the moving company to charge extra fees for certain conditions, like extra staircases or multiple stories, it isn’t normal for excessive charges. Moving scams like to charge for every little condition of your home. If you find suspect moving fees or extra charges on your estimate, bring them up and inquire about them before you pay up.

Presenting an Incomplete Contract

Some moving scams will hand their clients a contract that doesn’t have all the blanks filled out. After it is signed, the scammers will fill in the blanks with whatever they desire. Never sign any contract that isn’t complete. Instead, read your moving contract thoroughly and ask a neutral third party if you have any questions. Keep a copy in your records.

Bait and Switch

One of the most popular moving scams is the bait and switch. This involves the moving company offering a cheap deal on moving services. After all your belongings are packed in the moving van and hauled away, they refuse to deliver your goods unless you fork over much more than the agreed upon price. By holding your items hostage, they pressure you to pay rather than fight them out in court. This typically occurs with small rogue movers who don’t have an established reputation. Always choose a mover with a proven track record of honest, professional service.

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