Traveling during a DITY move

Traveling during a DITY move

If you are in the military and have decided to make a DITY move and are going to have to travel to your new destination, it is essential to have a plan for your road trip.

Once all of the activity involving packing, out-processing, loading and all of the other factors involved in making a military move are over and done with, just traveling to your new place of residence might seem easy in comparison; however, it is important to make sure that you take the time to develop at minimum a basic outline of the trip.  A little bit of strategizing prior to departure can also help to avoid the annoyance of additional and unexpected expenses on the road.

One crucial aspect of any cross country excursion is a cell phone.  Although roaming rates can sometimes be a bit on the expensive side, this is outweighed by the knowledge that you have the ability to be able to summon assistance at a moment’s notice should you need to.  You should make certain that you have a cell phone charger with you, as your battery can be drained very quickly by using analog towers away from main population centers.

Another good tip is to pace yourself during your relocation.  If you feel run down then you need to take it easy and think about making an early stop and relaxing in a hotel.  It is better to take an extra couple of days on the road than to jeopardize the safety of yourself and your family.

Rick Wozniak