Transforming Your Dorm into Your Own Personal Have …

Transforming Your Dorm into Your Own Personal Have …

When you initially start packing up your personal belongings for your big move to university or college, there is a strong possibility that you have a few creature comforts you hope to incorporate into your new dorm. There are also essentials that you and your parents will need to pack like bedding, dishes, clothing, school supplies, furniture, etc.

It’s important to prepare for this milestone in your life and pack essentials that you can’t do without. In order to set up your new dorm to be a stress-free, and inspiring live/work space, use the following tips:

Take an Inventory of Everything:

Once you are situated and ready to unpack, take a look at everything. Really take the opportunity to asses all of the things that you have brought with you. Try and be a bit ruthless in this situation. Keep only what you know will serve you and pack everything else away. It’s important to keep your space clear and having a multitude of unpacked boxes and clutter will add unneeded stress. If you realize there is just too much in your dorm, a storage unit is a fantastic, low-cost option for storing your possessions until you need them again.

Make it Your Home Away From Home:

This is your space. Make it a reflection of you. If you find that you’re particularly homesick, surround yourself with mementos. Hang up photos or display a few keepsakes as reminders of the people and things you might miss while you’re living in a dorm.

Keep it Fresh:

Invest in a couple of house plants. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, don’t panic. Some varieties of succulents or even air plants or spider plants are relatively easy to care for. Houseplants are known for reducing stress and improving air quality. They also inject life into space. They will offer instant gratification and having something to care for (even something as small as a cactus) will help you fall into a routine which a lot of people find beneficial to managing potentially stressful situations.

Decorate According to You:

If your budget allows, it’s always fun to decorate and really make your new dorm a cool place to hang out. Even if money is tight, as it usually is for students, there are inexpensive ways to showcase your personality. Try adding toss pillows and a rug with a pop of colour to instantly change the feel of the space or you can DIY a collage wall of photos add a personalized and frugal focal piece to the room.

Creature Comforts:

If there are certain items that make your life easier when you’re at home, then try to have them in your dorm as well. This could be anything from an essential oil diffuser to white noise machine, to a smart speaker. Also, Stock up on things that you might potentially overlook because you’re just so used to them being around when you’re at home. Painkillers, cotton swabs, and extra toilet paper seem like no-brainers but it’s smart to ensure that they’re available on hand if a situation arises. There will be enough things on your plate without having to worry about basic necessities.

You need a stress-free zone to relax in and retreat to after long days and sleepless nights. This is an important step in your life and at the end of the day, your dorm is your space and it should be comfortable and reflective of you.