Transferring your utilities when moving

Transferring your utilities when moving

Making sure that a move remains free of hassles is primarily a matter of being able to remember all the details, and one way of ensuring peace of mind is to make sure that you have dealt with utilities far in advance of moving day. After all, no one wants to move all the way across town or country to find that when they get to their new abode the lights are out and the phone is dead.

When you are transferring your utilities, this means that you set a date for the disconnection of services in one place and their reconnection in another, and there are a number of very simple rules to follow in order to make sure that this all goes smoothly.

Although cable, gas, electric and phone companies have all got their own lead time when it comes to notification of disconnections and connections, I think it is a very good idea to make sure that you get in touch with their customer service department at least a couple of weeks before the relocation.

On the day that you are moving house, make sure that you keep the lights on, the heat burning and the telephone working until after you have said goodbye to your movers and locked everything up behind you. You should have arranged to have these same utilities up and running in your new home for at least 24 hours prior to the day that you move in.


Jon Huser