Transferring possessions as part of a military mov …

Transferring possessions as part of a military mov …

Moving your belongings overseas as part of a military move can be a demanding and confusing experience, however, with organization and preparation you can make this complex operation a successful beginning to your experience overseas.  There are some helpful tips that can assist you in understanding what needs to be done to move your possessions and the available resources that can play a part in this.

Each branch of the service comes with special programs that are designed to assist you with a military move.  The Transportation Management Office (TMO), the Personal Property Office and the Relocation Assistance Program can be made use of to provide you with detailed information that can assist with a move to another country.

It is vital that you pay a visit to or make a call and arrange a meeting with the TMO in order to set up your relocation.  The rest of the information that you will require will be provided to you by the Relocation Assistance Program manager.  Even if you have moved with the military inside the United States on a prior occasion, it is vital to remember that this relocation is going to be different.

Your Relocation Assistance Program manager will be able to give you vital tips in addition to specific information about your new destination, and the great majority of foreign installations offer a sponsorship program.  Sponsors can help you to make a decision about which possessions you should take with you to your new duty station and advise you about weight limits.