Top Tools for Moving for the ‘Do it Yourself …

Top Tools for Moving for the ‘Do it Yourself …

So, what do you need if you are getting ready to move?  Sure, plenty of boxes.  Yes, plenty of tape.  But there are some other top tools that you may not have thought of.  Don’t realize on moving day that you’ve forgotten some key tools to make the move a little easier and a lot safer.

Here’s a list of some of the top tools for moving:

  • Dolly – You will definitely need a furniture and/or a utility dolly.  You’ll be doing a lot of lifting and a dolly can go a long way in saving your back and your mental well being.  A dolly is great for moving those really awkward and large pieces.
  • Moving blankets and padding – Don’t scratch up your furniture if you don’t need to!  Wrap everything up to avoid damage in transit.  Trust us, you’ll thank us later.
  • Straps and Ropes – Moving straps and ropes are something that a lot of people just don’t think about.  They can help secure big pieces to the dolly as well as securing things in the back of the moving truck.
  • Tape and scissors – Yes, some people actually forget that they might need a pair of scissors and packing tape.  Don’t be one of them!
  • Stair-roller – So what’s this?  A stair-roller will come in handy if you are moving into or out of a place with stairs.  Why slide things down the stairs when you don’t have to?  Rent one today.

If you’re looking for discount boxes and packing supplies online, there are many resources.  Also, stop by your local moving company.  Thinking about all of this hassel and want someone to relieve you of this moving burden?  Contact a trusted full-service moving company to recieve an estimate for services to be provided.

Jon Huser