Top Tips to Keep Your Important Files in Mint Cond …

Top Tips to Keep Your Important Files in Mint Cond …

While paper seems like an easy thing to store, the material is greatly vulnerable and easy to damage. As such, it’s imperative to take the proper steps to ensure your important documents remain in optimal condition during the time in which they’ll be stored. Storage units are a safe and efficient way to do just that but it is still crucial that you take the necessary steps that’ll protect your documents from becoming warped or damaged as a result of poor packing and storing techniques.

Pack Your Documents Properly

Proper packing is essential to keeping your documents in optimal condition while being stored in a storage facility. As a general rule of thumb, files should be stored in premium storage boxes that are packed and sealed correctly. Plastic containers are also an excellent option and will deter any moisture from seeping in from the corners.
Your documents should also be packed evenly and cushioned with quality packing materials to add an extra layer of protection.
Depending on the type of documents you’re storing, you may also want to laminate them to ensure they remain undamaged whatever the circumstances.

Avoid Using Newspaper as Packing Material

A common packing process is to use old newspapers as packing material. While this is usually a safe alternative to professional packaging, such is not the case when storing documents. The ink from newspapers is easily transferred to other materials which can cause significant damage to important files.

Consider Storing Your Documents in Binders

Storing your essential documents in binders will provide increased protection. However, it is recommended to avoid punching holes in your documents. Instead, opt for plastic pages or films to keep your papers in place and in optimal condition.

Properly Seal the Boxes

Once your documents are placed in boxes, it’s crucial to seal them properly. Durable packing tape should be used alongside all edges, crevices or closures. This will help deter any bugs or pests from finding a home in your documents. Although, choosing the right storage facility will be the best way to prevent such situations from occurring.

Do Not Store Other Items with your Documents

While it may seem harmless to throw in extra stationery and office materials in with your documents, it’s vital that you refrain from doing so. Not only can writing materials crack and leak when stored for long periods of time, mixing different types of items and materials together in the same box can increase the vulnerability of your items.

As a rule of thumb, you should store paper with paper and store pens with pens.

With the right storage facility combined with proper storage techniques and preparation, you can have peace of mind knowing your documents will remain in optimal condition.