Top tips for moving

Top tips for moving

There are a number of tips that can assist with making the process of moving home a good deal easier than might otherwise be the case.  One of the best such tips is to make a list.  You need to determine the scale of your move and it is therefore a very good idea to create a list detailing all your possessions.  This is also good for the purpose of insurance, allowing you to be more aware of your items and how much they are worth.

Another excellent tip is to make certain that you have backed up all your data prior to relocation.  Copy your documents, music and photographs to an external hard drive and ensure that it is kept somewhere secure.  If anything unexpected happens to your computer, you will at least be assured that your files are safe.

Around a week before the move you should take the time to get in touch with your service providers and inform them about your impending change of address.  Remember to include such things as home delivery services and magazine subscriptions.  You should also contact the post office in order to have your mail redirected.

Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before and after the move.  Before the move you need to be rested due to the physically and emotionally demanding day you are about to face; after the move it is best to get some rest before attempting to unpack.  You will have plenty of time to settle into your new home.